10 Typical Project Management Challenges Faced By Businesses

Misalignment between projects and their business objectives: The purpose of a project is to advance one or more business objectives. Most projects start out closely aligned with these objectives, but gaps inevitably appear. Projects drift and business objectives change and evolve. Without redirection, projects and deliverables end up failing to meet expectations.  Late or delayed […]

Why Project Management is important?

Project Management is getting more trendy than ever. We’ve been witnessing a boom in demand for project-based organizational cultures, project managers and project management skills.  A lot of the job requirements for roles in areas like Operations, Strategy, or HR, include skills in project management as preferred qualifications, if not mandatory.  The reality that leads […]

Types of Project Management

Many types of project management have been developed to meet the specific needs of certain industries or types of projects. They include the following:  Waterfall Project Management  This is similar to traditional project management but includes the caveat that each task needs to be completed before the next one starts. Steps are linear and progress […]